SOUTH FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A young woman is lucky to be alive Monday.

She was lying in her bed when a stray bullet went through to the wall of her house and hit her in the shoulder. Now, state police want to know who was shooting a rifle near the house Sunday afternoon.

“Eighteen-year-old girl lying in bed at home when you think you’re safe, and somebody’s out shooting a rifle,” state police Lt. John Kean said. “That’s the last thing you would expect when you’re lying at home.”

Kean says the bullet grazed 18-year-old Madison Petros in the shoulder area, barely breaking skin.

“She got hit in the shoulder,” he said. “It was a very minor injury, lucky for her. The bullet landed on the floor in her bedroom.”

No stitches, no hospitalization. Kean says she’s fortunate.

State police aren’t certain what happened. They believe someone may have been hunting, maybe shooting at groundhogs or targets with a high-powered rifle, and a shot got away from them.

“You can’t be within a certain distance if you’re hunting. If you’re target-shooting, you have to have a backstop, so if you miss your target, the bullet goes into the hillside,” Kean said.

Kean says whoever was shooting violated that.

State police crime scene investigators are asking questions in the area. If they catch someone, they will be facing charges, including reckless endangerment and weapons charges.

Meanwhile, the 18-year-old’s stepfather says the young woman is shaken up, but OK.

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