PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Summer is in full swing and along with it comes grilling season.

The taste of grilled food can’t be beat, but the cleanup can be a pain.

That’s where the Yoshi Copper Grill Mat comes in.

It promises to make grilling super easy, but does it really do that? Christine D’Antonio got some help to put it to the test.

Paul Diamant knows how to sell cars for Rohrich Toyota in Dormont, but he really knows how to grill out.

“It’s exciting, makes my day actually. If I could get paid to do this every day, I would,” he said.

Paul fires up the grill frequently at the dealership for their monthly employee cookout, so he was on board to try out the Yoshi Copper Grill Mat.

“I’d like to see it work. You see all of these things on the TV saying you can do all of these things simply, but a lot of stuff is staged, a lot of stuff doesn’t work, but it’s exciting to see if it does what it says it does,” he said.

To test, Paul cleaned off the grates of his grill, which is one of the things the Yoshi Grill Mat says you won’t have to do when using it.

It’s a non-stick mat that is dishwasher safe.

“And it’s always looking for easy cleanup too, so that’s why I was excited about testing this out. I mean, if you can just roll this up and throw it in the dishwasher and you’re done, you’re good,” he said.

Each box comes with two mats for $9.99.

After heating up the grill on medium heat as instructed, he set the mats on it and started to test it.

He started with burgers that have different amounts of fat to see if it’ll have an impact on flare-ups.

He also put a piece of cheese on to see if won’t stick the way the infomercial promises.

Paul was impressed to start.

The ad says food should have perfect grill marks even through the mat.

“First flip, well it’s not sticking, no grill mark,” he said.

For Paul, the grill marks are the hallmark of perfectly grilled steaks and burgers, so he’s working hard to achieve them.

“So what we’ve done actually is we’ve flipped them over, we lowered the lid and we put it on high. Now, what we’re starting to see is the indentation as far as the grill so I’m gonna put another bun on real quick and see if we can get grill marks that way,” he said,

Sadly, for Paul, the attempt falls flat.

“It’s a little disappointing. Again, it goes back to taste though,” he said.

One of his co-workers weighs in saying, “I think it’s really good. It’s definitely tender, you wouldn’t really think it was cooked on a grill, but it still kind of has that grill kind of flavor to it.”

“When that flame kisses the meat you get a taste of that. What you’re getting is the pan taste almost. But, you do have the smoke from the grill so you do have a little of that taste,” Paul said.

Next up, grilled veggies with olive oil and vinegar that was poured on. He also added fish.

The veggies and sauce stay on the mat and the fish is flaky and moist as promised.

Cleanup also lives up to the expectations.

So, the Yoshi Copper Grill Mat – does it really do that?

“It cooks them all. The only disappointment was the grill marks and the steaks did not taste like they were from the grill. So, I’d have to go 50/50,” Paul said.

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