PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A man who allegedly attacked and sexually assaulted two women in Homewood will stand trial.

At his preliminary hearing, a judge decided 56-year-old Daryl Hayden will stand trial for the crimes.

Police used surveillance video to track Hayden down.

Hayden is accused of raping both of the women, one who was six-months pregnant at the time of the attack.

On June 10, police say a woman was found lying on a front porch in Homewood, her face bloodied.

She said a man threatened to cut her with a box cutter and then sexually assaulted her behind Pittsburgh Westinghouse Academy.

The woman said she was in and out of consciousness as the man choked her, and punched her in the face multiple times.

Days later, another woman was found partially naked near Westinghouse Academy.

She said Hayden grabbed her around the neck and dragged her into the bushes, threatened to kill her with a knife and choked her.

Police released surveillance video of the suspect, and after receiving several tips, arrested Hayden.

In court today Hayden was asked if he wanted to say anything about the charges.

Judge: Do you want to say anything?
Hayden: About What?
Judge: About the charges?
Hayden: What charges, I don’t even know what I’m charged with.

Hayden will stand trial for rape, strangulation, and terroristic threats.