CANONSBURG (KDKA) — A Canonsburg motorcycle shop honored a slain police officer killed in the line of duty last November.

They presented a new motorcycle to another officer who was also hurt during the incident.

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The Canonsburg Fourth of July parade was dedicated to police officer Scott Bashioum killed in the line of duty last November.

A donated motorcycle honored his memory.

That bike was customized at Barnes Brothers Motorcycles & Off-Road in Canonsburg. They reconfigured a Suzuki 650.

“It’s an adventure style, which makes it very maneuverable and very cost efficient, and be ridden around basically anywhere,” said shop owner Blake Barnes.

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100 man hours and 100 feet of wiring later, they put together a police motorcycle that is truly first class, for a Canonsburg police officer who deserves it. The night Officer Bashiom was killed and another officer wounded, Sgt. Don Cross pulled both out of the line of fire.

“We’re really proud to present this to you,” Blake Barnes announced, turning the motorcycle over to the officer. A Harley rider at home, Don Cross is excited to add “motorcycle cop” to his 20-year Canonsburg resume.

“I’m still going to be in the police car at times,” he said. “But my goal is to be able to ride the motorcycle as much as possible, even in the rain, if need be.”

Last year, thieves broke in and stole two racing bikes. The alarm went off. Police responded immediately. The family watched security camera footage at home.

“They are coming in with no fear,” the owner recalled. “Lights, guns drawn, literally putting their lives on the line. It’s unbelievable.”

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Just as officer Don Cross did, one fateful morning in November.