PITTSBURGH (News Radio 12020 KDKA) – Pittsburgh City Council President Bruce Kraus wants to keep people – especially college students – safe.

With some exceptions, he wants to change the city code to ban people from being on a roof, or roof overhang.

He hopes to hear from students, especially those in Oakland and the South Side.

“I would welcome input, we’ll get input through community meetings through August. From both South Side and Oakland to see what their thoughts are before taking it for discussion when we get back the first week of September,” said Kraus.

Kraus says college students have fallen while partying on rooftops, and some have died. His code change is simple.

“No person shall occupy or use the roof, or roof overhang, of a building, when such roof is not designed or permitted for such occupancy by the city building code,” said Kraus.

Exceptions will be made for repairs, maintenance, an emergency or permission by lease.

His legislation doesn’t include fines or citations. It just says that – with a few exceptions – no one can be on a roof. Why is the change needed?

“Right now, city code does not authorize police officers to say you need to come down from the roof,” said Kraus.

Kraus says community members approached him because there have been several incidents where people fell while attending – or trying to reach – rooftop parties.

In April, a Pitt student died trying to reach one such party.

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