By Dave Crawley

BUTLER, Pa. (KDKA) — Opening day. The fairgrounds are ready for the 69th annual Butler Farm Show. The newest farm equipment is up for sale, but most of the antique tractors on display are not.

There are cattle ready to be shown in center ring and powerful oxen who are a show unto themselves.

In barn 16, the swine show is about to begin.

Madilynn Kerr, 15, has won many ribbons showing animals from her parents’ farm in Harmony. Now, as the crowd looks on, she and competitors parade the swine they raised before the judges.

“If you walk with them, work with them at home, they’re tame, they’ll walk with you,” Kerr says. “I think the judge likes to see them walk around nicely and calm, just to know you worked with them at home.”

The afternoon judging is based on performance. In other words, it’s all on the humans. But the pigs aren’t judged until nighttime.

“They have to have the right amount of fat on them,” Kerr added. “They have to have the correct amount of muscle, they have to be smooth. They just, all around, have to look like a good pig.”

She takes second place, out of seven entries.

“Feels pretty good,” she notes. “Nice to know my hard work paid off.”

For more information, visit the Butler County Farm Show’s website here.

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