PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – At least four teenagers were cited after several fights broke out during the EQT Three Rivers Regatta.

That number could go up once investigators look at surveillance video from over the weekend.

Sources within the police department and Regatta folks who saw what happened first-hand described it as dangerous mayhem.

Hundreds of teens were running through the streets, chased by police, during the Regatta, and this isn’t the first time.

Cell phone video from Saturday night shows teens fighting, punching, kicking and chasing each other all over Downtown Pittsburgh.

It got so bad, sources say the teens stormed the gates at Point State Park, and authorities shut down the park early on Saturday night. Sources say they also wanded everyone trying to enter Point State Park on Sunday.

Police cited at least four individuals involved in incidents Saturday night.

Sources say police had a hard time chasing down many of the several hundred teens fighting at the Regatta downtown Saturday night and a lot of folks who saw this happening left the Regatta early.

Police had a large presence at the Regatta with at least 60 officers from various departments and units. The problem was at least 600 teenagers coming into town on buses, looking for trouble.

A similar story happened at last year’s Regatta — groups of teens were running through the streets with police chasing them all over downtown, with frightened Regatta folks looking on.

Sources also say there is no clear plan right now to deal with that problem. With the same thing happening two years in a row, there are major concerns.

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