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VOLANT, Pa. (KDKA) — The big wheel doesn’t grind out flour any more in the 205-year-old grist mill in Volant, but Volant Mills is still the center of the tiny village.

The second Saturday of August each year, Route 208 is lined with “15 Miles of Treasures.”

Organizer Karen Rockenstein says businesses love the sales opportunities, and customers love the sales.

“We bring people into town not just to show them what Volant is all about, but the extended community too, because the yard sale goes from Volant to New Wilmington to Pulaski to New Bedford,” she says.

Across the street, Amanda Stanek prepares the Kitchen Shoppe tent for the Saturday rush.

“Its very important,” Stanek said. “I mean, it brings a whole new dynamic to town. It’s a picker’s paradise. They will just be able to explore and get things for a really good price.”

Five miles up Route 208 to New Wilmington, Amish residents and their neighbors will also have yards full of sales.

Yard sale shoppers are notorious for starting bright and early, before all the good stuff gets picked over. But one group in New Wilmington started a whole day earlier.

Family yard sale organizer Carolyn Huff says eight families have joined to sell their own items.

“You’ll see we all have our own little way of collecting our money here. Each one is set up in their own separate area, and we just sort of take care of our own,” she said.

More than enough to fill an Amish buggy.