By Julie Grant

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NORTH BRADDOCK (KDKA) — An 11-year-old boy is recovering after a hit-and-run in North Braddock.

La Tece Glass told KDKA her son Jordan was riding his bike around 9 p.m. Tuesday, when a black four-door sedan hit him and kept on going.

“Everything left my body when I got that phone call,” Glass said.

She rushed down the street as soon as she heard.

“He had the neck brace on and the bike was upside down against the wall,” said Glass. She told KDKA her son said, “They stopped, looked and kept going.”

According to Glass, Jordan was riding his bike from Rebecca Street toward an alleyway off Verona, when a car turned from Bell onto Verona and hit Jordan but did not stop. Jordan was rushed to the hospital. According to Glass, he was diagnosed with a concussion and had to have some of his teeth re-set. Photographs taken immediately afterward show his face scraped, bruised and swollen.

When asked what she hopes happens next, Glass said, “Speed bumps, speed bumps, slow down signs, speed traps, a camera even. I mean the police station and the borough building is right there. How is there no a camera right there?”

Glass believes it’s pointless to ask the driver to come forward.

“I doubt that’s going to happen. So I mean I could say that all I want — please come forward. You know you were wrong. Your conscience is eating at you. You saw my child lying there, yet you chose to do nothing,” Glass said.

Because he still needs time to recover, Jordan will be starting sixth grade a little later than planned. Glass said her son’s health is the main priority, not finding the driver.

“Justice will be served whether it’s through the police or through life’s course,” said Glass.