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LOWER BURRELL, Pa. (KDKA) — A Burrell School District teacher has died after falling from a roof while on vacation in Mexico.

According to the Valley News Dispatch, 50-year-old Sharon Regoli Ciferno, a middle school teacher in the Burrell School District, died Monday from injuries sustained when she fell from a roof while on vacation in Mexico.

The fall happened on Aug. 4.

Ciferno’s brother, David Regoli, told PennLive his sister was sitting on a backless bench at the edge of a roof-top deck in Mexico with her daughter, a friend and a friend’s daughter. He said Ciferno started laughing very hard and lost her balance, causing her to fall from the roof. He said alcohol was not a factor.

Regoli told PennLive she suffered multiple injuries, including damage to her brain. She was transported back to the United States for medical care, but after ten days, Regoli says her family “made the most difficult decision that we could make and we let her go.”

Regoli said in a Facebook post that his sister was an organ donor.

The Valley News Dispatch says Ciferno had been a teacher in the Burrell School District since 1990.

Huston Middle School Principal Brian Ferra told the Valley News Dispatch extra counselors would be avilable during the first days of school.