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SALEM TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — An act of Mother Nature unleashed some pretty large beasts in Westmoreland County over the weekend.

A lot of people had their eyes to the sky for the solar eclipse Monday, but a few people were on the hunt for runaway bison.

Chuck Addison owns a pretty big horse farm in Salem Township, but what he saw Monday morning sure wasn’t what normally grazes in the fields there.

“[I thought,] ‘Is that a buffalo? Is that five buffalo?’” Addison said. “’Where’d they come from?’”

A small herd of American bison escaped their pasture along Treesmill Road. Weekend storms knocked down the fence and off they went.

They seemed to be roaming everywhere. Pictures of the beasts showed up all over social media. Alyssa Long took some of those pictures.

“Not something you see every day,” she said. “Definitely surprising.”

Long and several others managed to get the mini herd rounded up in a fenced area. And did you know bison have a sweet tooth?

“They actually like donuts,” Long said. “They tried to get them on a trailer with donuts, and they were not having it.”

The bison were in the field, so they weren’t going anywhere, or so everyone thought.

“We kept them in the pasture,” Long said. “They were there last night, and we don’t know where they are this morning.”

The bison were on the move again, roaming the woods, happy as buffalo on the lam could be.

They finally returned home around 5:30 p.m. Monday.

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