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OAKMONT (KDKA) – Police say a report about an attempted abduction at a park in Oakmont turned out to be false. Now, the woman who made it up is facing charges.

Nicole Linn, 24, of Penn Hills, is accused of telling police someone tried to kidnap her 1-year-old child at Riverside Park on Sunday.

Police say there were inconsistencies in her story and they are confident no one tried to abduct a child.

She initially told police a man attempted to carry her child out of the park. However, she claimed he left the child and fled when she confronted him.

Linn is being charged with one count of false reports to law enforcement authorities.

A source tells KDKA’s Marty Griffin, “Apparently, the woman was mad at her boyfriend because he went fishing, instead of the park with her and their son. So, she wanted to tell the boyfriend that their son had almost been abducted.”

Police point out that actual stranger abductions are extremely rare. The federal Office of Juvenile Justice reports there are roughly 74 million children in the U.S.

Each year fewer than 30 children under the age of 12 are abducted by strangers, and more than 92 percent of those children are returned home alive.