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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — There are types of foods just about everyone loves to hate. Liver and onions, anyone?

Then, there scrumptious delights just about everyone can’t get enough of. How about a delicious slice of warm cherry pie with ice cream on top?

And there are foods that everyone disagrees on. Seems like the great olive debate never ends.

So, what types of foods do Americans hate most? The dating app, Hater, set out to find out.

After tracking the most-hated things in each state last month, they are now ranking the most hated foods.

According to Hater’s data, Pennsylvanians hate Chai Lattes most. Don’t ask us why, maybe we just prefer coffee instead!

Our neighbors in Ohio can’t stand Pesto, and don’t mention Tofu to West Virginians. Also nearby, New Yorkers don’t like putting Ranch dressing on their Pizza.

And what’s up Maryland? Who doesn’t like to eat the corner piece of brownie? All crunchy and chocolatey, yum.

hater foods What Food Do Pennsylvanians Hate Most? Dating App Finds Out

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Some of the other notables – Washington State loves coffee, but hates the express version in Keurig K-Cups, California dislikes Chick-fil-A, Texans are disgusted by well-done steak, Hawaiians hate Coca-Cola, and Floridians detest licorice.

There are some weird ones, too. Montana is really dreading the fall because they hate anything Pumpkin Spice-flavored, Wisconsin doesn’t like Lunchables, Virginians love their pizza greasy, so don’t you dare dab it off with a napkin, and Missourians won’t touch the last bite of their hot dog.

The Hater app matches its users with people who hate the same things.

For more, visit their blog at this link.