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UNIONTOWN (KDKA) — Authorities in Fayette County say they may have solved several recent burglaries with just one arrest.

Investigators say alleged burglar Mark Douglas Miller, Jr.’s break-in at Pappy’s Restaurant in South Union Township was going well. That is, until restaurant employee Tim Shellhammer drove by and noticed something suspicious.

“The front door of the business was open, but we were closed that day, and my boss wasn’t there,” he said.

Shellhammer then decided to drive around the back.

“I came around the corner, and the guy was trying to get in the back door,” he said.

Video captured the moment. Shellhammer, who remained in his car, started asking questions, and Miller allegedly told him he was trying to fix a bolt on the back door before leaving the area.

Investigators say Miller was undaunted. Three hours later, police say he was trying to break and enter again at a store in Uniontown, and once again, someone caught him in the act.

This time, it was Uniontown Police who arrested Miller at the scene. State police say they knew their man was in custody once they got a look at Miller at the scene of the second attempted robbery.

“The actor was still wearing the same clothing at the time Uniontown City arrested him as the time at the incident at Pappy’s,” Trooper Robert Broadwater said.

Charged with both break-ins, state police say they want to talk to Miller about some other incidents as well.

“We’re aware of Mr. Miller,” Broadwater said. “He’s a person of interest in a recent rash of commercial burglaries we’ve been having in this area.”