By: Heather Lang

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Become a star, watch the eclipse, ride in a fancy car, eat a gourmet meal, get pampered.

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Squiggy’s got a lot of things she still wants to do. Sadly, her time is growing short due to a horrible disease that has stolen far too many, far too soon. Cancer.

But there’s one thing she wants more than anything – find a loving family who will care for and love her.

Squiggy is an 11-year-old pit bull terrier that’s being cared for at Animal Friends. The staff there says she is a sweetheart, loves to cuddle with her humans and have her back scratched.

Not much is known about Squiggy before 2013. That’s when she was rescued by the shelter’s Humane Investigations officers.

She didn’t stay with Animal Friends very long after her rescue. She soon went to a loving home, but recently, she was returned to the shelter. They say the family was no longer able to care for her.

That’s when the first diagnosis came in on Squiggy. Mast cell tumors were found on her head and neck, so veterinarians operated, and successfully removed the tumors.

But, devastatingly, Squiggy’s cancer has returned. This time, Animal Friends says they won’t operate.

On their website, they say, “We’ve chosen not to operate further with the best interest of Squiggy’s well-being. So we are even more determined to find her a loving home where she can happily live out the rest of her days.”

So, the shelter has put together a Bucket List for Squiggy. It’s chock full of fun things for her to do.

It includes simple things like “take a walk at North Park” to delicious things like “make a pupsicle” to really cool things like “meet a celebrity.”

You can read the full list on Animal Friends’ blog at this link.

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She’s done a couple of them so far. On Monday, she watched the historic Solar Eclipse (with protective eyewear, of course!).


She’s also had the chance to go for ice cream in a very fancy ride.


She’s also hosted her own radio show, and had her moment in the spotlight on the Hallmark Channel.


But the most important thing on that list is at the very top. She needs a loving home. A forever family, maybe one that will help her check off a few of those Bucket List items.

Someone to love and someone to love her. And give her endless treats, of course.

Squiggy needs a home with kids age 10 or older, and to be the only pet. She loves walks and cuddling. She’s been featured as Furry Tails pet of the week twice. Once in April and in August.

If you would like to meet Squiggy, contact Animal Friends at 412-847-7000. Visit their Pet Adoption page at this link, if Squiggy’s not a good fit for you, they have plenty other dogs, cats and bunnies in need of loving homes.

As for Squiggy, she’s still got a lot of love to give. And a comfortable life with humans who love her would be the ultimate gift to this loyal, loving lady.

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