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BEAVER (KDKA) – State Attorney General Josh Shapiro continues to take steps to try to curb the opioid epidemic in Pennsylvania.

Today, he announced the results of a big drug crackdown in Beaver County.

The investigation began back in February, when Jonathan Levitt was found dead inside a home in North Fayette Township. About two weeks later, Jeffrey Haslett was found dead inside his home in New Brighton. Autopsies determined both men died of fentanyl overdoses. Levitt also had amphetamine in his system. Police believe the same person provided the drugs to both men.

“If you sell drugs to someone who dies, we are coming after you,” says Shapiro. “Jeffrey Haslett died because of the poison that was given to him. Jonathan Levitt died because of that same poison.”

Robert Goosby Jr. is now charged with two counts of drug delivery resulting in death. If convicted, he could face 20 to 40 years in prison.

“Yes, [Haslett and Levitt] made the choice to buy [the drugs]. Yes, they made the choice to use it. But, I believe that this dealer needs to be held accountable for cutting short the lives of these individuals,” says Shapiro.

In addition to the charges against Goosby, Shapiro announced charges against 22 additional suspected drug dealers. It’s the largest drug sweep in Beaver County since January.

“Selling these poisons, particularly fentanyl, which was present in this case, it’s like playing Russian roulette,” says Shapiro. “You simply never know when the bullet is in the chamber.”

The opioid epidemic in Pennsylvania is getting worse. Some counties are harder hit than others, including Beaver County. Overdose deaths are up 175 percent over last year. In fact, the county ranks third in the state in opioid deaths.

“We want to make a difference here,” says Shapiro. “We’ve heard the pleas, we’ve heard the cries. We know that there’s a need for us to be here.”