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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A 6-year-old boy’s parents are upset after he told them he was beaten up while riding home on the school bus.

“I got beat up on the bus. It was painful.”

Roman DiMeglio is only 6, but his parents say he knows full well what happened to him last week on the school bus on the way home from Allison Park Elementary in the Chartiers-Houston School District.

According to his Mark DiMeglio, Roman’s father, two kids – a boy and a girl – attacked his son, and they saw it on the bus surveillance video.

“What we see is the girl grabbing my son, and she was the one that pulled him down and was holding him on the floor of the bus, while the boy did he punching, kicking and stomping,” said Mark.

The parents say you can see other kids on their knees in their seats looking on, some of them cheering, and two adults were also on the bus,

The boy’s mother, Kathy Thompson-DiMeglio, said Roman even cried for help.

“While this was going on, neither the bus driver nor the adult rider on the bus did anything to stop it,” she said. “Three seats my child was back from the rider and he saw and heard nothing as my son screamed, ‘Help me, it hurts.’”

The DiMeglios said they watched the video with the vice principal of the elementary school.

“The vice principal did say this was an act of violence to our child,” said Mark.

In a picture taken by his parents, Roman’s face was bruised when he got off the bus. But his parents say emergency room doctors saw much more.

“The doc at the ER said my son had bruises, contusions and testicular trauma. They were kicking him there,” Kathy said.

There was no comment from anyone at the Schweinebraten Bus Company; in fact, they referred reporters to the superintendent of the district.

In a statement, Superintendent John George said in part, “Please be assured that we are addressing the matter. Safety and security of all our students is a top priority.”

Meantime, the DiMeglio’s are talking to attorneys.