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UNIONTOWN (KDKA) – A Uniontown church says the house next door has been burglarized several times in just the past two weeks.

The folks at Trinity Fellowship Church of God had just finished renovating a home for an associate pastor who was going to move in when it was burglarized. The people who went in there took everything, including the kitchen sink.

For Pastor Stan Flasher, the house next door to his church was a wonderful work in progress – two years’ worth of sweat, pride and prayer.

“We were days away from finishing,” he said. “In 11 years, we were never broken into. Just within the past two weeks, [we been broken into] three times.”

The burglars broke in and started stealing on a massive level.

“The pipes downstairs, they went from one end of the building to the other, from the meter all the way over to where the washer hooked up, all the way over to the furnace,” he said.

In the kitchen, the stove and the microwave were gone.

“The third time they broke in, they took the dishwasher and the sink,” he said.

The thieves weren’t done. Upstairs in a bathroom, they stole a cast iron enamel tub that Flasher says was brand new.

At a minimum, there was $10,000 in damage and theft. The church’s insurance company won’t cover any of the loss because the home wasn’t occupied. Pastor Flasher’s church isn’t some mega church with millions. Every penny counts. So what now? The pastor says the Lord will provide, and he’s forgiven the burglars, but…

“The Bible does teach we have judges for a reason, we have people in the law for a reason,” he said. “I’m hoping they’re able to do their job if they can get any leads. I’m praying for that, too.”

Anyone with information about the crimes is asked to call the Uniontown Police.

Meanwhile, the church has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money so they can finish the job the burglars derailed.

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