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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburghers are donating to help people recovering from Harvey, but there are also efforts underway to help some of the pets rescued from the floodwaters.

As a result, Animal Friends along Camp Horne Road is making a plea for people to adopt dogs, especially now.

“We need help with canine adopters because the San Antonio Humane Society has 27 dogs that are available for adoption,” said Shannon Tremblay from Animal Friends. “They were not displaced by the flood. But what we’re trying to do is free up their kennel space, so they can help the displaced animals.”

The scenes are heartbreaking. Dogs on roofs in flooded neighborhoods, some getting rescued, and many separated from their owners.

So some of those displaced dogs will be taken to the shelter in San Antonio until they can, hopefully, be reunited with their owners.

A group called Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue is stepping up to help.

Normally, they fly to make their rescues, but this time, they’re taking a custom-built trailer to bring back 40 to 50 dogs currently at the shelter in San Antonio.

The dogs should arrive in Pittsburgh Monday night and will be placed in several shelters in our area, including Animal Friends.

Tremblay says while you can’t actually adopt one of the dogs affected by Harvey, you can adopt a dog that will help another dog in Texas.

“Essentially, by adopting from Animal Friends, you can help flood victims be reunited with their pets,” she said.