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WASHINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) – Investigators say a Washington County man was drunk, got in the wrong car in a parking lot and drove off before being pulled over.

For Melvin Butler, what happened in the parking lot of a Washington County beer distributor can be summed up in a few words…

“To me, I think it’s just dumb,” Butler said.

Butler says a regular customer of his stopped by to buy some beverages on the way home from work.

Like a lot of people, the customer left his keys in the ignition. It was just gonna be a quick in-and-out stop. However…

“I come on out here and I see him standing where you’re standing and I say, ‘What’s up, man?’” Butler said. “He says, ‘I got my car stolen.’ I said, ‘What?’”

According to investigators, 55-year-old Steven Gray happened along. Gray was allegedly drunk and mistook his car parked nearby for the customer’s car and off he went.

“He must have been very drunk,” Butler said. “If you don’t know what your car looks like, you’re very drunk.”

Police got word immediately and stopped Gray at the intersection of Allison and Wiley in Washington.

According to police, when they were talking to Gray at the intersection, he freely admitted that it wasn’t long after he left the beer distributor parking lot that he realized he was driving someone else’s car.

Washington City Police charged Gray with driving under the influence and other counts related to his alleged unauthorized use of the car.

Butler says he’s relieved Gray wasn’t involved in an accident and this all comes down to some life lessons.

“One thing, you ain’t supposed to be driving drunk,” Butler said, “and second thing, you shouldn’t leave your keys in your car.”

Gray remains in custody, but he’s heading to the eastern part of the state where he’s wanted on outstanding warrants for allegedly failing to pay fines related to two other DUI charges.