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PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan) – I twist and then I turn.

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I contort my body into odd shapes and clench my teeth together.

It’s a physical endeavor, no doubt. The perspiration invariably comes, first beading up on my bald head then dripping down my forehead until I wipe it with the back side of my wrist.

And I’m not even playing. I’m not participating; not running around, out there catching, hitting or throwing a ball.


I’m just describing the physical anguish I put my being through as I sit on my couch when Tyler Glasnow pitches for the Pirates and the game is on television. Or the radio. Or both simultaneously.

In all honesty, the nerves make it a taxing situation — and the latest installment was no different as on Wednesday night the lanky righty made it back to the bigs for the first time since June 9.

He lasted 2.2 innings.

He walked six batters.

He threw 77 pitches and just 40 of them went for strikes.

He got screwed by a terrible Ball 4 call, but by that point had already racked up enough pitches in the first inning against the Brewers where it didn’t appear as if his night would be a long one.

He now has a 7.89 ERA this season in Major League games and has walked 35 people in 57 innings.

His control has him out of control.

But the crazy part — and it has been well-documented, is that Glasnow is a young man who thoroughly and systemically dominates Class AAA hitters when he has that Indianapolis uniform on. No one can touch him, no one can seem to gather any semblance of steam against him.

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But when he gets up with the big club, he loses it.

No one in the baseball world would argue that there is some sort of problem, so now it really is solution time.

And I have one — or at least I have an opinion on what I would do.

I would shut him down effective immediately and ship him to Bradenton on the first flight headed south to Pirate City.

Once there, a total rebuild would be in order for the 6-foot-8 guy who many probably forget is still just 24 years old.

You see, I’d have Glasnow totally scrap his delivery (one he has apparently changed about 10 times now) and relearn how to pitch.

I’d get him with the mental skills people and ask him what his approach was once he gets on that Major League mound.

Once he gives the answer, I’d say, “good, now let’s do the exact opposite.”

If he likes eating macaroni and cheese the day he pitches, tell him that’s the only thing he cannot have from here on out the day he pitches.

See what I’m getting at? A 1000000 percent, whole and total reboot. Take the winter to have him relearn what it’s like to pitch, scrap every single thing he knows physically and mentally about how to approach pitching and totally do a 180 with preparation, training and in-game plan.

I’d give that a shot.

Treat him like he’s a Little League kid stepping on the mound for the first time in his life.

Nothing else has worked to this point.

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In my estimation, it isn’t near time to give up on Tyler Glasnow, but it is time to totally break him down and start all over again.