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LEECHBURG (KDKA) — An outdoor wedding ceremony will be held Saturday afternoon for a Leechburg couple, who have a unique house pet.

Destiney Beavers and Cody Griffith love their pot-bellied pig named Finley, but the community where the couple recently bought a home prohibits ownership of farm animals, like pigs.

“Our pig, Finley, is in our wedding on Saturday,” said Destiney. “Instead of having our flower girl and ring bearer throw flowers, they’ll be tossing Cheerios, that’s Finley’s favorite snack, that and raisins.”

Cody, Destiney’s husband-to-be, said, “Finley is the most loving animal I’ve ever met. As soon as somebody comes in the door, he wags his tail just like a dog.”

Finley is a member of the family.

Destiney says he’s become like a therapy pet for her, even though he’s not officially licensed as one. She says he helps her when she’s stressed out. He’s also housebroken, and doesn’t like be outdoors in the rain because, they say, he dislikes the mud.

She told KDKA-TV’s Ralph Iannotti, “They have to get vaccinations and neutered, just like a dog or cat. He’s up to date on all those things. We take him to the vet regularly; he’s just like a dog to us.”

The couple recently found out about the old Leechburg ordinance, which bans people in the borough from having livestock.

Destiney says, “We’re trying to prove that Finley isn’t livestock.”

Finley, of course, has no way of knowing his days with Destiney and Cody may be numbered. He was acting like a real “ham” at the couple’s rehearsal dinner at a park not far from the couple’s new Leechburg home.

And, no offense to Finley, and you can’t make this up, but pulled pork was on the menu there.

“There is pulled pork here, but it wasn’t Finley or a relative of his,” Destiney said.

The couple said they’ve decided to put off their honeymoon for a while, and instead, they have started an online and paper petition drive to get as many signatures of supporters as possible.

They will present the petitions to a meeting next Tuesday to the Leechburg Borough Council.

“I feel that my fiancée and I are now more focused on keeping our pig, than on our wedding,” Destiney said.

Cody added, “If we can’t keep him, we’ll flat out leave Leechburg, I will not stay in that town.”