By Ross Guidotti

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OHIOPYLE, Pa. (KDKA) — Dozens of old tires were dumped illegally in Ohiopyle State Park, and now taxpayers are paying the bill to clean them up.

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The old, used tires were illegally dumped on a back trail in the park. Photos taken at the time show dozens of them.

“We found roughly 70 tires,” said park manager Ken Bisbee.

People ditching unwanted things is not uncommon along the trails.

“Maybe a washer or dryer here or there, a tire or two,” said Bisbee. “We had a load of shingles someone dropped the other day”

It’s a big park.

“This is the largest state park in Pennsylvania,” Bisbee said. “Thirty-two square miles, a lot of back roads.”

But this much stuff dumped in one location, it’s unprecedented.

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“We had to get a backhoe in to load them up. Of course, it rained, so they were full of water, get them into our dump truck and get them out of there,” Bisbee said.

The tires now sit, awaiting recycling.

But cleaning them up wasn’t easy, and taxpayers will foot the expensive bill.

“You’re looking at a taxpayer expense between $1,000 and $2,000,” Bisbee said.

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The pictures of the dumped tires have gone viral.

Consequently, Bisbee says, “We do, actually, at this point in time, have a couple leads.”

If caught, park officials say they will pursue criminal charges. If the individuals are convicted, it will be their turn to pay.

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“The fines can be substantial,” Bisbee says.