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CARROLL TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Two high school football players in Carroll Township are facing charges Monday, accused of assaulting another player on the team.

“I didn’t know he getting beat all over the head, drop kicked and all this kind of stuff,” said Roderick Wilson.

Roderick Wilson is talking about his 16-year-old son, Roderick Wilson Jr., a sophomore football player at Ringgold High School. He was allegedly assaulted by Dezmier Majors, 18, and Tyrese Youngblood, 18, two senior football players who are now charged with simple assault and harassment.

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Police say the assault happened last Wednesday. Wilson said his son came home from practice beat up.

“I treated my son Wednesday night not knowing. I thought it was football related,” Wilson said.

Wilson said he didn’t find out about it until Friday when he got a phone call from the principal.

“I said, ‘What happened?’ A couple kids went from horse playing and took it to another level and jumped him. Did all other things to him. And they caught it on camera,” Wilson said.

Turns out, police found out about the incident when someone called the school anonymously. Surveillance video, which the district won’t release, captured the fight.

Court documents say the video shows both Majors and Youngblood kicking and punching the victim outside the locker room of Ringgold Stadium. Majors is seen kicking the victim in his right shoulder and base of his neck. Youngblood is seen punching and kneeing the victim in the stomach. Wilson said he is frustrated the district won’t release the video.

“Every parent in every district, if your kid is being violated, should have the opportunity to see the video,” Wilson said.

KDKA’s Amy Wadas spoke to the superintendent and she said the district takes these matters very seriously and has initiated an investigation.

She went on to say that surveillance video is only provided for court purposes and is not provided to parents unless accompanied by a court order from Common Pleas Court.