By Brenda Waters

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JEANNETTE (KDKA) — Not much is left on the old Jeannette Glass property and what is there is an eye sore, but there is talk going on about what will happen.

A tour of the property got underway with the developer, the Department of Environmental Protection and local officials of Jeannette.

In its hey day, the Jeannette Glass Company produced handmade bottles, jars and dishware. The company ceased protection and closed its factory in 1983.

The property has not been used nor maintained since then, but now Jason Rigone, of the Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation, wants to redevelop it.

“There are a lot of different ways the property can go. Our first goal is to get the site cleaned up,” he said. “What goes here is really the next step. Primarily what we are dealing with above surface is asbestos.”

Soil beneath the surface will also be tested. In the meantime, no one is really saying on the 13 acres that sit in the middle of Jeannette would be used, but Jeannette Mayor Richard Jacobelli has some ideas.

“I would like to see something on the area of warehousing, small manufacturing if that’s possible. Very similar to what we have over here as far as the Jeannette redevelopment is building over here in the county. Something in the warehousing part would be great,” he said. “This is one of the best things that could happen to the city of Jeannette by far.”

The mayor is hoping however the property is used, it will bring jobs to Jeannette.

Demolition of the remaining structures should be complete within two weeks, followed by soil testing and then an occupant.