By Brenda Waters

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PENN TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – A Penn Township employee is facing charges for allegedly bringing guns into the municipal building and pointing them at other employees.

According to police, Dallas Leonard, 65, of Jeannette, is facing charges of simple assault and harassment.

Two employees told detectives that Leonard, the township’s community development director and school board member, brought in guns on multiple occasions to show them off.

But, according to the criminal complaint, Leonard would also point those weapons at the two men.

Michael Stack told investigators he worked for Leonard in the township and claims the barrel of a gun had been pointed at him several times.

Another worker, William Roberts, echoes that story, officials said. Both claim they strongly objected to having weapons pointed at them, but stated Leonard would continue to do it and simply “laughed it off.”

The alleged victims say they never knew if the guns were loaded or not.

Brad Lathom, a township resident, said, “I don’t have a problem with him bringing guns to work, no problem at all. The problem I have, you don’t point a gun at people. The only time you point is when you intend to use it.”

The township manager would not comment about the incidents that reportedly happened last year and this year.

He referred all questions to Township Solicitor Michael Korns, who simply said these are serious allegations, but it is a personnel matter and he cannot comment. He would not even say if Leonard still works for the township.

Meantime, Leonard faces charges of simple assault and harassment. The charges have been mailed by summons. He has a preliminary hearing Oct. 31.