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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The latest dose of Nintendo nostalgia goes on sale Friday.

The Super NES Classic Edition is a follow-up to last year’s release of the NES Classic Edition. Both are miniature versions of the classic video game consoles that come with a built-in library of classic titles.

Twenty-one games are included in the Super NES Classic.

“It has ‘Super Mario World,’ ‘Donkey Kong Country,’ ‘F-Zero,’ ‘Star Fox,'” said Post-Gazette Game Guy Max Parker. “These are the biggest, the most popular games for the Super Nintendo.”

The price tag for the Super NES Classic is around $80, but finding one may prove to be a bigger challenge than affording one.

The NES Classic Edition was almost impossible to find in stores last year. That high demand prompted Nintendo to extend shipping of the Super NES Classic into next year. Shipments of the system were slated to end at the end of the calendar year.

“Nintendo is urging people not to pay more on sites like eBay,” Parker said. “They’re saying they’ve learned from mistakes last year and they’ve made a lot more for the Super NES Classic.”

It’s unclear exactly how many Super NES Classic units Nintendo will put in stores.

Nintendo has also made some upgrades for the Super NES Classic after criticism of the original NES Classic. The Super NES Classic comes with two controllers, instead of one. Also, players will be able to sit a little further away from their television.

“The cords are a little longer,” said Parker. “That was another complaint with the NES Classic – that the cord was really short. You had to be right in front of the TV to play it, so this is a lot better.”

For those who missed out on the original NES Classic, there’s more good news. Nintendo recently announced it will bring that retro video console back to stores next summer.