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GREENSBURG (KDKA) — A man who was high on “Triple C” when he was supposed to be watching a woman’s children was arrested in Greensburg after fighting with police.

Greensburg Police say from the moment they came across 35-year-old Ian Sagucio inside a Fayette Street apartment, they knew right away something was wrong with him.

He was in a disturbed state, acting violently, and Greensburg Police Capt. Robert Stafford says although it was maybe 50 degrees outside, Sagucio was “sweating badly.”

Officers arrived after a woman called claiming Sagucio was supposed to be watching her children and he was high. His alleged drug of choice was something relatively new to the area — Coricidin cough and cold medicine. It’s street name is “Triple C.”

“It’s basically cough syrup,” Stafford said. “You can get it anywhere. Some stores will limit you to three.”

Triple C contains something called dextromethorphan, which, taken in high doses, can produce hallucinations and a sense of dissociation.

Greensburg Police say when they tried to talk to Sagucio, he was out of it and angry.

“He started breathing heavily, pacing back and forth. He wouldn’t listen to the command of the police officers,” Stafford said. “He was, at the time, holding something in his hand, hiding it.”

Worried it might be a gun, police took Sagucio into custody, but not before he injured at least one officer.

Sagucio is facing six criminal charges, including aggravated assault.

The children in his care were OK.

A nearly empty bottle of Triple C was discovered in the home.

“It seems to be a fad of teenagers, not a 35-year-old,” Stafford said.

Sagucio remains free on $25,000 bond.