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MOON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Police in Moon Township have made an arrest in connection with a home invasion last month that left a little girl with a broken leg when she jumped from her window to escape the masked suspects.

Police say they have taken 34-year-old Roy Yaegle into custody. He is facing numerous charges, including felony robbery counts. He told police he and a teenage boy committed the robbery.

roy yaegle Police: Moon Twp. Home Invasion Suspect Found Hiding In Box During Warrant Search

Roy Yaegle (Source: Moon Township Police)

According to Moon Township Police, Yaegle was wanted on a probation violation in connection with a separate home invasion conviction in 2015.

Officers found him today hiding in a “small, concealed compartment” when they showed up at his Claridge Drive home with a search warrant.

“One of the officers was searching a back room through tons and tons of clutter,” said Moon Township Police Chief Leo McCarthy. “Suddenly, on the floor, in a box, he saw a human head looking up at him. It was Roy stuffed into this box, hidden, looking up at us. That’s how he was apprehended.”

KDKA’s Marty Griffin Reports —

Investigators say Yaegle admitted to committing the home invasion at the Hayeswold Drive home in the early morning hours of Sept. 27.

Police say Yaegle told them he and the teen suspect first stole a car from a garage in the Londonbury neighborhood of Moon Township, and then broke into the Hayeswold Drive home.

“They saw a house with a garage door open. There was a trailer in the garage, as well. They went over to the car and found it unlocked with the keys in it. They took the car, went and committed the robbery with it. Then, they took the TV, and took it to a drug dealer and sold it,” said Chief McCarthy. “They went back to return the car. But, now, the garage door was closed. So they parked the car in front of the house and left it there.”

Police don’t believe the family knew their car was stolen.

The man who lived in the Hayeswold Drive home that was robbed was forced into a bedroom with his 12-year-old daughter while the intruders ransacked their home. The girl broke her leg jumping out a window to escape.

In addition to the stolen TV, police say the suspects got away with cash and cell phones.

Authorities say during their search of the suspect’s home, they found stolen items from 11 recent thefts. Police say it was enough to fill the back of a dump truck and included thousands of dollars in tools.

They also found two weapons.

Yaegle is being held in jail.

The teenager is with his family, but police say he will also face charges, and they are working with the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office. His name is not being released because he’s a juvenile.