By Amy Wadas

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SAXONBURG (KDKA) – A Butler County man is facing charges in the alleged attempted luring of two teenagers.

Leanna Gordon was at South Community Butler Library with her young daughters just a few hours before Scott Miller, 56, of Saxonburg tried to lure two teen girls into his SUV.

“It definitely makes me much more aware,” said parent Leanna Gordon.

scott miller Butler Co. Man Arrested, Charged With Attempted Luring Of 2 Teen Girls

(Photo Credit: Butler County Prison)

Police say one of the teens Miller is accused of approaching early Saturday evening snapped a photo of him in his car and posted it to Facebook.

Police say the teens were walking down Main Street in downtown Saxonburg when Miller drove past them and waved. Police say Miller pulled into a Subway parking lot nearby, turned around, then pulled into South Butter Community Library’s parking lot.

“He rolled down the passenger side window, waved the girls to the vehicle, engaged in conversation, and asked their names, where they lived,” said Saxonburg Police Chief Joseph Beachem.

Police say one girl responded by giving a fake name and said they lived in Fox Chapel, even though they didn’t.

Police say Miller told them: “Oh, so you guys wanna have some fun?” One of the girls said no and that’s when they went to Saxonburg Coffee Company to call a parent.

When police questioned Miller, they say he remembered what he did throughout the day with the exception of the conversation he had with the teens.

“Most of the recollections were pretty clear, until it came to meeting with and speaking with the girls. He said he couldn’t remember,” said Beacham.

Gordon said instances like this are why it’s so important to teach your kids to keep to themselves if they’re approached by someone they don’t know.

“Not to talk to strangers and say hi, but if mom’s not there, don’t say anything else,” said Gordon.

One woman in the community said she went to high school with Miller. She said he comes from a good family. She said he has a wife and two adult children.

Miller was taken to the Butler County Prison Tuesday. He posted $10,000 bail Wednesday and is charged with two counts of child luring.