By Jessica Wasik

As All Hallows’ Eve quickly approaches, many locals are venturing out to get in pursuit of the Halloween spirit. With its diverse and longstanding history, however, Pittsburghers won’t have to search very far to find some spooky sites. Throughout the region, countless places await those who dare to face their fears, places that can only be described as ghostly, supernatural or downright eerie. From a bewitching bed and breakfast and mystic back roads to the shadowy corners of the city’s most historic buildings, these certainly aren’t full of your typical haunted house frights. If you’re brave enough, these five spooky places in Pittsburgh are worth a Halloween visit.

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Carnegie Library
4400 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 622-3114

Constructed on what used to be a cemetery, Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Library is one of the most well-known spooky spots in the city. Locals believe that nightly spirits roam its building and in 2011, the library welcomed members of the Syfy television show “Ghost Hunters” to investigate these reports. During filming, books fell off the shelves at the mention of Andrew Carnegie and shadowy figures were captured throughout the evening. Peruse the bookshelves for yourself and you’ll likely see for yourself books flying off their shelves or re-positioning themselves without explanation, doors opening and closing and hearing disembodied voices and whispers. The Carnegie Library’s haunting history proves this library is anything but quiet.

R&R Station Family Restaurant & Inn 
19 W. Main St.
Mount Pleasant, PA 15666
(724) 547-7545

Step inside the R&R Station Family Restaurant & Inn and you may immediately feel a sense of unease, much like the owner and staff of the establishment have experienced for years. Within its 17 Victorian-styled rooms, guests and visitors have reported similar experiences, ranging from seeing mysterious shapes and hearing strange noises to feeling unexplained waves of haunting vibes. Ghostly apparitions have been rumored to shake beds within guestrooms, flick the lights off and on and slam doors; however, numerous teams of paranormal investigators have confirmed that these rumors are indeed fact. Using electromagnetic field monitors, infrared cameras and advanced ghost hunting technology, investigators were able to detect the presence of several ghosts, including a wealthy Victorian man and woman, a playful young boy and girl, a former top-ranked mob boss and a demented young woman. For those up for a ghoulishly good time, the Halloween season is the perfect time to plan a visit to the R&R Station Family Restaurant & Inn, located in Mt. Pleasant.

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Omni William Penn Hotel
530 William Penn Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
(412) 281-7100

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The amount of history awaiting inside the Omni William Penn Hotel is astonishing. Even more shocking are the eerie reports of ghosts that have chosen to overstay their welcome. The two most haunted floors are said to be the 22nd and 23rd, which remain unused. Nighttime security backup the tales of cold bursts of air gusting through the rooms coupled with the sounds of shuffling footsteps, strange noises and the chilling feeling of being watched by presences that cannot be seen. If you believe you can overlook the spooky stimulation, a room is awaiting you at the Omni William Penn Hotel, located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh.

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Blue Mist Road
10500 Irwin Rd.
Gibsonia, PA 15044

Allegheny County’s North Park sets the spooky scene for one of the county’s most mysterious and supernatural roads. Officially Irwin Road, this road has been renamed by locals to Blue Mist Road, aptly for the thick blue mist that fills the area. Rumored to be a go-to spot to see paranormal activity ranging from ghosts to witches, Blue Mist Road is one rich in legend. Long gone are the former homes, replaced by dilapidated buildings and monumental trees that line this dirt road. Take a road trip, if you dare, to experience the unearthly presences, glowing lights, ominous orbs and shuddersome sounds of Blue Mist Road.

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Harmony Inn
230 Mercer St.
Harmony, PA 16037
(724) 452-5124

The final spooky place in western Pennsylvania, celebrated for its devilish residents, is the hair-raising Harmony Inn. Spirits like the little girl with her kitten who you may see appear at the top of the inn’s staircase to the disquieting duo of Louie and Barney make this Harmony restaurant and inn a hot spot for locals in the mood for a little scare. Over 150 years of history lie within its walls, many of which are lined with newspaper clippings sighting the very claims visitors have made while here, including feeling cold spots, having objects mysteriously vanish and hearing whispers and strange voices. With its pre-Civil War construction, the Harmony Inn is rich in both history and hauntings.

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