Social Media Creating Even More Of A 'Me' Culture

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PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan)- Once again with this Pittsburgh Steelers team, the final result on the field from Sunday is far from what is grabbing headlines during the week. On Monday night, Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell got into an argument of sorts on Twitter with former Steeler, now ESPN analyst Ryan Clark.

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Steelers guard Ramon Foster joined “The Fan Morning Show” in his weekly spot on Tuesday morning and said that with social media, players are more worried about themselves now more than they ever have.

“You have it now to where guys build their own empires,” said Foster. “You become consumed in what you do personally before anything nowadays. That’s not just our team, that’s all around the league, that’s also in the NBA, just all the way around. Back then in ’09 (Foster’s rookie year), Twitter was just starting up so it was all about guys that you saw every single day. Guys see each other on social media before they do in real life and they talk to each other more on social media. I think that’s the biggest difference of then and now is more personal.”

Ramon also commented on the Twitter exchange between Bell and Clark and said that it’s silly to get into arguments with those in the media.

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“Ryan is in the media, I saw the comment, that’s what he does of course he’s all media related now,” said Foster. “He played football for the Pittsburgh Steelers and won a Super Bowl, too so if he says something he kind of has a little weight behind it. But what you can’t do is have a back and forth spat with a guy that’s on TV. You’ll never win that.”

With all of this drama happening seemingly every week, many are wondering if this team has enough leadership and Foster answered that question, too.

“Is there enough leadership? Yeah, but you can’t really control what a guy does on social media. I think with the age of the NFL and sports in general that we live in now, guys are going to do what they want to. Emotions run high and you get the opportunity to say what you want to.”

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You can hear the entire interview with Ramon Foster on “The Fan Morning Show” above. You can also hear him every Tuesday at 8 a.m. on his weekly hit with the show on 93.7 The Fan.