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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – After nearly two years, commuters are once again able to use the Greenfield Bridge.

Nicole Liddle and her husband, Shawn, say cars driving on the bridge once again is a beautiful sight.

The two have watched its construction from day one.

“We were here when they brought the pieces of steel and it was cool to watch the crane, how slow it had to move to position the piece so they could mount it, but it was cool watching,” Nicole said.

The old bridge crumbled onto the Parkway East almost two years ago. Now, the brand new replacement is five feet wider with a wider sidewalk and bike lanes.

Greenfield native Pat Hassett got to spearhead plans for the bridge that replaced the crumbling one before it.

“The travel lanes are the same on the bridge. What’s different about it are the sidewalk and the pedestrian accommodations and the bicycle accommodations. The sidewalk is double the size that it used to be,” Hassett said.

“We’re into the 21st century, but you know they preserved enough of the memorabilia, but it’s great for walkers, bikers and cars,” Mel Solomon said.

The new bridge officially opened Saturday evening after a fun-filled day of events. There was a lot of music, races for the kids and plenty of food to go around. Even T-shirts saying “The Bridge is Back” were a hit.

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