By Marty Griffin

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A Pittsburgh man fighting desperately to save his service dog reached out to Get Marty for help.

“She’s my life. She’s my life. Without her I would die,” says Matt Rowe of Troy Hill.

Rowe is sideways with his neighbor about how he handles the dog, the dog’s license and the dog defecating in a yard they share.

“I have several citations for several hundred dollars,” says Rowe.

Turns out, Matt Rowe has cancer. He also has a heart condition. He says he’s dying. In fact, he says his dog, Paris France, actually wakes him up at night when he stops breathing.

“Without her, I would most likely die,” he said.

His neighbor told KDKA’s Marty Griffin the dog barks, defecates in the yard they share and is not licensed.

His neighbor also has health problems. She doesn’t believe Rowe is responsible for the actions of his Golden Retriever.

KDKA got a lawyer involved. He will represent Rowe in court regarding his citations.

Country Treasurer John Weinstein will provide the proper licensing for the dog.

KDKA also has a number of folks looking for a new place for Rowe to live with his dog.