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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – There’s a new app available in more than a dozen states, including Pennsylvania, that offers birth control delivered right to your door without a visit to the doctor or insurance.

However, some parents are raising questions about it because it also allows teenage girls to buy it without their parents’ consent.

“She had the right to tell them and not tell me and so that really made me say, ‘Wow,’” Monique Green said.

Green was shocked to learn her teenage daughters could receive birth control without her consent through a free app called Nurx.

The app requires only that you answer a few medical questions and pay for your order.

What’s concerning to some is that the minimum age limit for purchase is 12 and it doesn’t require minors to get their parents’ permission to use the app.

A Nurx spokeswoman says the company is only trying to offer women a way to get birth control without any hassle.

“Despite the current political landscape, we are providing another option to make it easier and more affordable and more convenient to access contraception,” the spokeswoman said.

Green wanted to check it out herself.

“I’m using my 16-year-old’s information. They would give me a three-month supply of birth control. But, if I have no insurance, it’s $15 to $30 a month,” Green said.

After the assessment, she had mixed feelings.

“If you want my momma point of view? No, I don’t agree with that crap. But, my professional point of view, because I deal with youth, I realize there are a lot of situations that can come behind why [someone would] do it,” Green said.

She says bottom line, the best advice she has for her children and others when it comes to birth control is to communicate with a trusted adult first.