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LEECHBURG, Pa. (KDKA) — Newlyweds Destiney and Cody Griffith attended another Leechburg Borough Council meeting Tuesday evening.

They are still trying to persuade council members to allow them to keep their pet pot-bellied pig, named Finley, despite a borough ordinance which bans livestock.

While the Griffiths argued their case inside, Finley remained just outside the doors.

Destiney says Finley is her therapy pet, even though he’s not licensed as one. The couple, just married last month, postponed their honeymoon so they could work to keep Finley as part of the family.

Some of their supporters showed up for the council meeting, including Joe D’Aquila, who lives with his family, in Indiana County The D’Aquilas have a 190-pound pot-bellied pig.

“He is definitely house broken. I wouldn’t let him in the house if he wasn’t,” said D’Aquila. “He listens well, at first he wasn’t. I guess you could say he was pig-headed. Now, he’s well-trained, he’s really a good animal.”

Council members voted unanimously to further study the local ordinance with an eye on making revisions to allow the Griffiths to keep their pet, or passing a new ordinance.

And, for the time being, there will not be enforcement of the current ordinance, which means the couple won’t be fined or cited for keeping Finley at their home.

Destiney said after the meeting, “I would hope they would make an exception for Finley. He’s an important part of our family. Now, he’s safe for a little while.”

Leechburg Borough Councilman Christian Vaccaro hinted at a compromise on the works.

“My impression of council is that if they are going to engage in this discussion, typically, there will be some sort of positive outcome at the end,” Vaccaro said.

Any new ordinance could include a licensing fee, like dog owners have. A final decision by Leechburg Council is not expected for a couple of months.

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