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NEW EAGLE (KDKA) – Two teenagers accused of assaulting one of their football teammates appeared in court for a preliminary hearing Thursday.

Dezmier Majors and Tyrese Youngblood are accused of beating up Roderick Wilson, Jr., after a football practice at Ringgold High School in mid-September.

Police say Wilson, Jr., was kicked and punched so hard, he ended up face down on the pavement.

Both Majors and Youngblood were originally charged with simple assault and harassment. Majors waived the charges against him to court. He is scheduled to appear before a judge in January.

However, the judge dropped the criminal charges against Youngblood, and reduced them to a count of summary harassment. He paid a fine of $450.

Wilson, Jr.’s, father says it’s not enough.

“The school district and the superintendent… handled this thing grossly,” says Roderick Wilson. “We shouldn’t even be down here.”

Wilson also says the coaches should have done more to stop the fight.

“I don’t think they did their due diligence, or put in place a policy to where these coaches will be around in the locker room to bring security amongst their own team,” he said. “The school board needs to deal with it front and center. That’s the bottom line.”