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PITTSBURGH (93-7 The FAN) – Steelers cornerback Joe Haden is happy to be in Pittsburgh and out of Cleveland. He says there are big differences between the two organizations, and, since arriving here, he says he’s been impressed with teammate Antonio Brown.

“He’s not the biggest dude, but he’s strong and runs really good routes,” Haden said.

There is one other thing that Joe said really sets him apart.

“That scramble drill. Once that first initial route breaks down, AB’s the best that I’ve ever covered of helping the quarterback, just scrambling, getting open, creating the next route,” Haden said.

During his time in Cleveland, Haden was known to be a big member of the community, showing up at games and doing what he could, so naturally we asked him if he’s made his way to a Pittsburgh Penguins game yet.

“One-thousand-percent, I was talking to my boys and I definitely am trying to come to a Penguins game. I have never been to a professional hockey game, so I was super excited about that,” he said.

Even though he’s not in Cleveland anymore, Haden took a road trip back for the Cavs’ opener with his new teammates, Brown and Le’Veon Bell, and shared with us what it was like being at the game where Boston Celtics swing-man Gordon Heyward broke his ankle and how other professional athletes view these things.

“That was one of the worst injuries I’ve ever seen. It just makes you respect and makes you realize how blessed and how grateful you are to just do the regular things that we do,” he said.

Speaking of Cleveland, Haden says there are differences between playing for an organization like the Steelers and the Browns.

“As an organization, it is what it is. They’re going through a lot. It’s not as secure as out here, there’s a lot of turn-around. It’s shaky, basically. I’m super excited to be here,” Haden said.

Click the audio link at the top of the post to hear more from Haden as he shares with us how he and Artie Burns will defend A.J. Green this weekend.