PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – If you missed Uranus last night, don’t worry, social media has you covered.

As you can imagine, thousands of tweets were posted with jokes about being able to see the planet Uranus.

The planet reached opposition on Oct. 19, meaning it was directly opposite the sun, bringing it closer and brighter to earth.

Experts say you could see the icy blue planet with the naked eye, or binoculars.

As people began to spot the planet, several took to Twitter to post photos of Uranus.

Some were simple enough, “I just saw Uranus.”

Others more scientific, this is what Uranus looked like from Brazil.

Of course others had more fun with their photos.

While people had a lot of fun with the play on words of the planet, let’s not forget the Merriam-Webster dictionary actually says the planet is pronounced Ura-nuss.

uranusdefinition This Is What Uranus Looked Like Last Night, In Case You Missed It

Photo Credit: Merriam-Webster online