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UNITY TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – It didn’t take firefighters in Westmoreland County long to put out the fire at the home on Charles Houck Road Tuesday morning.

Whitney Hostetter Volunteer Fire Department Chief Tony Matuszky said.

“When we got on scene, fire was shooting out all of the upstairs windows, already through the roof. The first floor was heavily involved. The second floor was heavily involved,” Whitney Hostetter Volunteer Fire Department Chief Tony Matuszky said.

The firefighters used water and foam to prevent the fire from rekindling.

“Actually we were very lucky,” said Chief Matuszky. “We have a hydrant right in front of the house so we were able to establish a quick water supply and knock the fire down quickly.”

Once the flames were out, firefighters searched the home to make sure no one was inside. Firefighters say there is a woman who sometimes lives there. She wasn’t wat the home when the fire started, around 5 a.m. The fire chief doesn’t believe the fire is suspicious.

“I believe a neighbor called it in, they came outside and saw the house on fire,” said Chief Matuszky. “I called the state police fire marshal just to inspect it. At this time, we aren’t looking at anything suspicious.”

As for the large number of firefighters who were called to the home, the chief says that was done to ensure they had the resources they needed.

“Our rule is we’d rather have people coming and have to send them back, then have to need them and wait for them,” Chief Matuszky said.

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