By Kym Gable

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DERRY TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — An attorney and a young mom are both recovering from a brutal attack at public housing hearing in Westmoreland County.

Assistant County Solicitor Tim Andrews and Alyssa Farabaugh, a witness in the case, were both punched and kicked repeatedly.

The suspect is 32-year-old Kevin Cole from Derry Township.

The housing authority was trying to evict Cole after an alleged incident of domestic violence at the Derry Townhouses near Latrobe.

KDKA’s Rick Dayton Reports —

Farabaugh was there to testify during the proceedings. Police say Cole suddenly lashed out at Andrews, who was serving as the hearing officer. Then, he turned his rage to Farabaugh.

“He opened the door and just punched me, and while I was on the ground, he started kicking me about four or five times, all in my neck and my face. And I have a concussion also,” Farabaugh told KDKA.

Doctors say she will need surgery on both sides of her face as her jaw is broken in at least two places.

Farabaugh’s father also talked to KDKA.

“I mean he [Cole] already fractured my daughter’s jaw, beat up an attorney, beat up his girlfriend. Nobody wants to live next door to this kind of person,” said Mike Farabaugh. “He needs to be caught.”

Cole faces charges of aggravated assault, simple assault and harassment.