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DERRY TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – A man who was arrested and put in jail for harassing the staff of a district justice in Westmoreland County is behind bars again.

Paul Barsoum, 53, is now accused of trying to break into a man’s apartment in Derry Township, and leaving threatening messages on his voicemail.

It began with the victim getting threatening voicemail messages, allegedly from Barsoum. State police say the first one said, “I’m going to rip your throat out.”

When the victim got home, state police say Barsoum was waiting for him and attacked him.

“He notices Mr. Barsoum’s vehicle is also in the same parking lot as where the victim resides,” said Trooper Stephen Limani, of Pennsylvania State Police. “[The victim] starts to get assaulted while he’s entering his residence.”

When the suspect tried to get into the victim’s apartment for a second time, the victim pulled out a gun and shot at Barsoum, but the bullet never hit him. The victim told police he felt threatened, and that he thought his life was in danger.

Barsoum took off after the shot rang out, but later, investigators say he left a second threatening voicemail message for the victim.

“‘You missed me,’ talking about the gunshot,” said Trooper Limani, “‘and when I get a hold of you, I’m gonna shoot you and I’m not going to miss.'”

Authorities say Barsoum has had other instances where he’s made threats, including one in early October where he was charged with harassing the staff of District Justice Mark Bilick.

Court record state in that case: “[Barsoum] was giving the clerical staff issues over his hearing,” and said, “I know the judge’s (expletive) wife also works here.”

As for the moose recent incident, Barsoum was picked up shortly afterward. He denied everything including the threatening messages.

“That wasn’t in his best interest,” said Trooper Limani. “Once we brought it to his attention his voice messages were left on the victim’s phone he conceded the fact that, ‘Okay, maybe I did leave the messages.’”

Barsoum is now behind bars on $750,000 bond. He’s facing charges of burglary, making terroristic threats, simple assault and other charges. He is also charged in four other cases, unrelated to the incident in Derry Township.