Student's Mother: 'He's Humiliated, He's Embarrassed, It's Not True'By Amy Wadas

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JEFFERSON HILLS (KDKA) — The mother of one of the students involved in an extreme bullying incident at a Jefferson Hills technical school is speaking out, saying her child has been wrongly accused.

“It is just emotionally overwhelming 24/7 since this happened last week,” the mother said.

Overwhelming is an understatement for a mom who says her son was expelled from Steel Center for Career and Technical Education and suspended from high school.

“He’s humiliated. He’s embarrassed. It’s not true. All of these students are being accused of something they didn’t do,” she said.

There are accusations that multiple students bullied an 18-year-old student with autism and bipolar disorder, forcing him to drink and eat urine and feces.

She said there are multiple cell phone videos showing the incident on two separate occasions. She said her son and his classmates didn’t know the alleged victim has autism.

“The boy in the video is completely doing this all on his free will, trying to earn money, saying give me the money and egging them on to pay him for what he’s about to do,” she said.

She said the student wanted the money so he could go meet a girl he met online.

“I do know he communicated back to the school district on their social platform that mission accomplished; he made it to New Kensington to meet the girl and posted a picture of it with her,” she said.

She said all the students accused in this case have been punished and now she’s concerned about their future.

“It’s these boys’ careers. They’re in that tech program for a reason and now they’re expelled. That’s not fair,” the mom said.

The alleged victim’s attorney, Phil DiLucente, responded by saying:

“I am puzzled and disappointed how anyone can believe for a moment that my client would commit a heinous act upon himself. They are either in denial or do not understand and appreciate children that suffer from autism.”

A meeting is set for Wednesday between police and representatives from several local school districts.