By David Highfield

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Drivers in the South Hills are seeing some billboards that may get your attention.

They read: “Abortion. Not just for your mistress!”

There’s one along Route 51 in Overbrook and two others.

At the bottom of the billboards, there’s a newspaper clipping that mentions former Congressman Tim Murphy, an anti-abortion conservative who resigned after reports that he suggested his mistress have an abortion during a pregnancy scare.

There’s also a clipping about a conservative congressman from Tennessee who reportedly supported his ex-wife’s decision to have abortions.

Some say the billboard goes too far.

One woman told KDKA: “I don’t think it’s necessary. It’s not necessary to make those kind of public attacks personal.”

Another woman said: “A woman should have a right whether to keep her baby or not for whatever her reason is.” But when asked specifically about the billboard, she said: “I would say, ‘Not just for your mistress,’ that’s probably a little offensive.”

The billboards will be up for the next month, and the group that paid for them say they’re for former Rep. Murphy and also the candidates who seek to replace him. It’s a new group called Reproaction.

Reproaction co-founder Erin Matson said, “We are really proud to be doing this aggressive, confrontational work, and we’re going to continue holding the pro-life movement accountable for its moral bankruptcy.”

The group aims to increase access to abortion, and says it’s hypocritical for anti-choice politicians to have a different view privately.

“Abortion is a common medical procedure used by one in four women in this country of reproductive age,” said Matson. “Abortion is not just for mistresses of conservative congressmen.”

Reproaction says the three billboards are near Murphy’s former office and near where he lives and goes to church.

There was no answer at Murphy’s former office Thursday evening.

David Highfield