By Paul Martino

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ROBINSON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A contractor from McKeesport was charged Thursday with ripping off an elderly woman of thousands of dollars.

It’s supposed to be 84-year-old Delores McGuire’s golden years. Instead, her days are filled with tears and anguish.

“I really can’t even talk about it,” she said.

She hired 21-year-old Daniel Kloshen to build a basement bedroom and bathroom for her daughter at their home in Robinson Township. Now, they’re out $23,000, the job’s not done and it doesn’t pass inspection.

“They came to check it out, and they said everything down there was illegal,” McGuire said, “so we have to get somebody else to do it again.”

The contractor, Kloshen, is charged with five counts of theft by deception, two counts of home improvement fraud and two counts of deceptive business practices.

Building inspectors say the plumbing and electricity in the bathroom aren’t even safe. Then there’s the $3,500 French drain outside. It turns out, it’s nothing more than a hole. A worker admitted as much.

“He said, ‘I’m going to be honest with you,'” McGuire said. “He said, ‘[Kloshen] did not do a thing.'”

Robinson Township Police are searching for Kloshen right now.

“I’ve never dealt with anything like this before,” McGuire said.

Now they’ve hired a new contractor to fix it. It’ll cost her thousands more, and it’s money coming out of McGuire’s life savings.

Meanwhile, there’s a warrant out for Kloshen’s arrest. He’s wanted for the same thing in Munhall.