Getting Hands On Apple's New Phone Might Be Tricky

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA/AP) – The iPhone X’s lush screen, facial-recognition skills and $1,000 price tag are breaking new ground in Apple’s marquee product line.

Yet the much-anticipated device is testing the patience of consumers and investors as demand outstrips suppliers’ capacity.

The long odds didn’t stop people from lining up early in Pittsburgh’s Shadyside neighborhood. In fact, for those in line it was like Christmas morning.

Hundreds lined up for the chance to step inside and get their hands on the new iPhone X.

“I decided to skip the morning class,” said Zack Chen, a student. “”It’s not a good example, I know.”

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Thursday night, people camped out along Walnut Street, pulling their hoods over their heads as they slept in line.

One person in line was buying the phone for her birthday.

“I wanted to get my day started early and I wanted to get the iPhone X,” said Shannon Redmond.

One man said he’s buying the phone for his wife’s anniversary present.

“And I think in the end, she’s going to say how do I work this thing?” said Carl Kurlander.

The Apple fans we spoke with said the $1,000 price tag is well worth it.

“I mean, it’s a phone, but there are people lined up down the street for it so there’s like magic in it—there’s like a secret sauce that gets people excited and I’m addicted to the sauce” said Jonathan Plessit.

The Plessits said they’ve turned out for every iPhone launch. The only thing different this time is a new baby.

“I’m going to run home and we’re going to put the baby to bed so we can play with the phone,” said Plessit.

Apple employees said if you don’t snag one today, you’ll likely have to wait a few weeks.

Apple said Thursday that iPhone sales rose 3 percent in the July-September quarter, when the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus came out. It could have been higher if many customers hadn’t been waiting for the iPhone X, coming out Friday.

Analysts say Apple’s suppliers haven’t been to manufacture the iPhone X quickly enough. Its color-popping OLED screen isn’t as readily available as standard LCD displays. And the facial-recognition technology requires more sophisticated components.

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