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CLAIRTON (KDKA) — Police are trying to track down two men who robbed a Clairton convenience store at gunpoint Saturday night.

At first, video surveillance showed one of the robbers walking into the Unimart convenience store posing as a customer.

Moments later, the same man and another gun-wielding suspect returned, pushing a clerk who was outside on break back into the store.

clairton unimart robbery 1 Police Searching For 2 Men In Clairton Convenience Store Robbery

(Photo Credit: Unimart)

Marie McCusker was working behind the counter.

“One guy had pushed him and had a gun on me, and then the other guy jumped across the counter, had a gun in my face and asked me to open the register,” she said.

McCusker admits she was terrified, wondering if her life was going to end.

“I didn’t want them to shoot my co-worker, and the only other thing that I could think of was my daughter at the time, like, is she going to have a mother?” she said.

The robbery didn’t last long. She thinks a friend who happened to be driving by at the time may have saved them because the robbers took off.



“Thank God for a passerby who didn’t even need to come into the store, but something told her to come into the store,” McCusker said. “She came into the store, and that’s what pretty much saved us.”

McCusker returned to work Sunday, still shaken but not ready to quit.

“This is just a scare, but there’s a lot of other things worse that happens out there to people,” she said, “so you can’t quit living life because of one scary thing.”

As for the robbers, she offers this advice: “Just turn yourselves in. I mean, it’s not worth it, risking your whole life over a couple hundred dollars.”

Police were only a few minutes away and got to the store quickly, but the robbers ran out of the store, jumped into a waiting SUV and took off.

Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to call Clairton Police.

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