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PENN TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Police in Penn Township are trying to find the person who robbed and assaulted a woman Monday morning.

The victim says a significant amount of money was stolen from her during the incident.

Penn Township Police Chief John Otto calls what happened to the victim along Meadowbrook and Saunders Station Roads, “a pretty nasty betrayal.”

Driving alone Meadowbrook Road, two female acquaintances were supposed to be dropping the victim off at home. Police say she had a significant amount of cash in her purse, and the two other women knew it.

According to police, the car pulled off onto a side road. That’s when the victim, who was in the passenger’s seat, became suspicious.

“The vehicle is stopped and now both actors commenced to assault the victim. She is removed from the car, she is put down on the ground, and one of the female actors is seen removing the money from her purse,” said Chief Otto. “She then pleads for them not to take her money.”

The two women took the cash, leaving the battered and bruised victim on the wet ground. But someone driving down Meadowbrook saw the whole thing and stopped to help.

“In this particular case, our witness was excellent,” said Chief Otto. ‘Not only did she stop and render aid, but she helped this girl and was able to get the police to respond.”

Despite the assault, according to police, the victim is going to be okay.

Meanwhile, the two suspects will eventually face assault and robbery charges. Investigators say they know who the women are and it’s only a matter of time before they are in custody.