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MOUNT LEBANON (KDKA) — Mark Cuban is talking about running for president again.

Cuban is the billionaire who grew up in Mount Lebanon and now owns the Dallas Mavericks.

He said in an CNBC interview at the New York Times Dealbook Conference that he’d likely run as an independent.

“I think that people are looking for an independent voice, a real independent voice that at least has an inkling of what they’re talking about,” said Cuban as the audience chuckled at his implication.

He says he if he runs, he would run as: “Republican before Democrat. Most likely independent.”

So what do people from his hometown think of the fact he’s even “considering” a run for the White House?

“I would vote for him in a heartbeat,” said Anne Palmerine from Mount Lebanon. “Because he’s amazing. He’s innovative. He’s hard working. He has a tremendous work ethic. He believes in people, and he’s energetic and enthusiastic.”

Meredith Glass, also from Mount Lebanon, said: “I’m a Democrat, and I’m not a huge Trump fan so an alternative would be good.”

John Ward, from Mount Lebanon, says he’d like to see Cuban run.

“Yes, I would. He’s level-headed, and he knows how to run businesses,” said Ward. “So it would be a good idea.”

The Dallas Mavericks owner’s success story is well known in Mount Lebanon, and some even know how he started out.

“He went around in the communities and sold trash bags,” said Palmerine. “That was his first business.”

So, from a 12-year-old garbage bag salesman to a run for the White House? Cuban won’t commit.

“The reason I’m considering, and I haven’t committed is that I’ve got three kids,” said Cuban in the CNBC interview. “What caring, loving parent would put an 8-, 11- and 14-year-old child through this?”

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