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BLAIRSVILLE (KDKA) — WyoTech is closing down its Blairsville campus.

The Blairsville campus is a sprawling 27 acres with huge buildings housing some of the most advanced equipment to teach its 900-plus students numerous technical trades.

“It was a great school. I love this place,” Derick Patridge, of Turin, N.Y., said. “It was real fun. Everyone was really great to get along with.”

“I love it here,” Jackson Gains, of Lexington, Va., said. “It’s a great school.”

As nice as it may be, these students found out some shocking news over the last 24 hours. WyoTech Blairsville’s days are numbered.

“They brought the higher-ups to talk to the teachers, then they came and talked to the students saying they were closing down in 6 weeks,” Patridge said.

Zenith Education Group, which owns the school, released a statement on the closing, saying in part:

“The 21 additional Altierus and WyoTech campuses will cease enrolling new students and be taught out.

“Over the past few years, it has become evident to us that many of our campuses are located in areas that are geographically inconvenient for underserved students.”

While not underserved, students from all over the country said they are upset.

“It was a shock. Everyone was pretty upset,” Patridge said.

“It was kind of very gloomy around here because no one really knew what they were gonna do,” Gains said.

Zenith Education Group is hoping a local educational facility or area government will lease or buy the soon-to-be-vacant buildings. As for their students — after June, they’re on their own.

“I’m either going to upstate New York or staying here in Pennsylvania to get a job and stuff,” Patridge said.

“Just take it one day at a time,” Gains said.